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Interiors and empty spaces

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Barbers 30''x 40'' mounted on aluminium

Interiors & empty spaces

Hatty Lee has for some time photographed empty interiors or anonymous public spaces.
There is a sense of absence created which allows the viewer to inhabit the spaces and photographs.

This includes a series of four photographs of local shop fronts lit up on the inside at night.
The Grosvenor Steakhouse, The Barber Shop, The Sewing Machine Shop, and Launderette have all since closed down as businesses have been replaced by others.

Like Atget who photographed a changing Paris at the turn of the last century, Lee is interested in documenting spaces around Camberwell before they change and are redeveloped. There are no people in any of these photos which creates a sense of absence for the viewer to fill, like the empty places with neatly folded napkins on the tables in The Grosvenor Steakhouse or the empty washing machines in Launderette.


Sewing Machine Shop 30''x 40'' mounted on aluminium


Launderette 30''x 40'' mounted on aluminium


The Grosvenor Steakhouse 30''x 40'' mounted on aluminium