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Camberwell Nights

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Camberwell Nights

Camberwell Nights is an series of nocturnal photographs and video work set in and around Camberwell.

Lee has been living and making work from the area for the past ten years .

Lee has taken the 18th century prints and early 20th century documentary photographs of Camberwell which line the walls of the Hermits Cave pub as her starting point. She has returned to these places again and again, photographing the sites from a similar angle at night. For the duration of the exhibition, Camberwell Nights, the old pub pictures were replaced by contemporary versions which in turn may one day become as dated as the originals.

‘Rear Window’ is the view over South London from the back of the artist’s flat at dusk as day turns to night. There is a voyeuristic feel to the work, this time reminiscent of the film by Hitchcock, as one looks out over the city at night and imagine the lives of the people who inhabit these spaces.